Snapchat is a social media platform that you should familiarise yourself with as it promises to open up a new market channel for companies. We’ve put together the 5 best ways to use video on Snapchat.

So what is Snapchat? In essence it allows users to send self-destructing photos or videos to one another that last between 1 and 10 seconds, after that they are then lost forever. Although this sounds like a massive limitation it can actually be quite the opposite. On other social media platforms you’re fighting for space in someone’s feed. If for example, someone is checking their Facebook feed on their phone, your post may actually only take up a quarter of the screen. If it does cover more real-estate than that, it’s very easy for them to scroll past and not properly read or engage with your post. In Snapchat however users need to click on each Snapchat individually – meaning you have the complete focus of their attention for the length of your Snapchat. Have a look at the current Snapchat statistics below;

– 100 million active users per month
– roughly 70% of Snapchat users are women
– 400 million snaps per day
– 71% of Snapchat users are under 25
– 25% of UK smartphone users use Snapchat
– A recent study of American college students found that 77% of them use Snapchat every day and that 58% of them would purchase a brand’s product or service if they were sent a coupon.

So what are the best ways to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy?

#1 Promotional offers.

16 Handles, a New York City based yogurt shop, is thought to be the first company to use Snapchat for a marketing campaign. Their promotion worked in three steps. First they asked users to send to the company’s Snapchat an image of themselves tasting yogurt in the shop. 16 Handles then sent back a discount coupon code for anything between 16% and 100% off. The user would then refrain from opening the Snapchat until they were ready to pay, at which point they then show it to the cashier. Building on this idea you could use Snapchat to send out exclusive offers to your Snapchat followers like short videos of secret menu items or 25% off when you quote a code word.

#2 Offer a glimpse behind the scenes.

Many teams in Ameican NFL are using Snapchat to great effect with behind the scenes access on game days. They are Snapchatting videos of the locker rooms, sing-a-longs and game prep’ giving their followers a different perspective of game day. By choosing to add each of their Snapchats to their ‘story’ (another Snapchat Feature) users can see all of their Snapchats in succession, rather than individually. This allows their followers to get a feel for the whole day behind the scenes.

#3 Product sneak peeks or insider info.

Customers love to feel privy to information that not everyone is aware of. Sneak peak videos of a new product are one way you can do this. Perhaps a video to show how long the queue is getting for a product launch with advice for them to get there quickly. Or that the happy hour’s starts 15 minutes early and they can come and get a drink on you before the rush. Anything to make your loyal customers feel like VIP’s.

#4 Quick answers to customer questions.

This is a fantastic way to provide real-time assistance to your customers. Let’s say a user ‘snaps’ you a picture saying they can’t find a particular setting on your new tech product. A video demonstration of exactly what button they need to press to access that setting would resolve their issue quickly. You may receive a different ‘snap’ from another customer with their product still in its packaging. A short video reply demonstrating your brand new easy open tab would again solve the issue whilst establishing your brand’s trust and dedication towards happy customers.

#5 Don’t be “Spammy”.

It’s a problem that isn’t specific to Snapchat but social media as a whole. There’s a fine balance between promoting your company regularly and causing people to become frustrated by the constant bombardment of adverts and offers. If you’re unsure whether to send that extra Snapchat its best to err on the side of caution. It’s not going to do you any good if people are deleting you from their friends list.

If you’re genuine and just having fun on the platform, it’s probably going to be pretty successful. Now is the time to get Snapchat into your marketing strategy. A recent study by Mashable found that less than 1% of marketers are using Snapchat. By the time everyone else catches up you could already be a Snapchat expert.

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